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National Football League Playoffs | NFL Playoffs
Sport: American Football
League: National Football League
Founded: 1933
Number of Teams: 14 Teams (Starting 2020/21)
Most Recent Champion: Kansas City Chiefs

NFL | Playoffs

American football is the most popular sport in the United States, a sport with more than 100 years since its foundation in 1920, not to mention the largest audience attendance of all professional leagues in the world.

The postseason known as the Playoffs, consists of a series of games taht follow after the regular season. The NFLis the only sport with direct knockout in their playoffs from all the USA sports. This on its own ensures unpredictable and very exciting outcomes, a main element of the sport.

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NFL Playoffs | Appearances by Active Teams

Team Appearances
Dallas Cowboys 33
Green Bay Packers 33
New York Giants 32
Pittsburgh Steelers 31
Minnesota Vikings 30
Cleveland/St. Louis/Los Angeles Rams 29
Baltimore/Indianapolis Colts 28
Chicago Bears 28
Boston/New England Patriots 27
Philadelphia Eagles 27
San Francisco 49ers 27
Boston/Washington Redskins / Washington 24
Cleveland Browns 24
Miami Dolphins 23
Houston Oilers / Tennessee Titans 23
Denver Broncos 22
Los Angeles/Oakland/Las Vegas Raiders 22
Kansas City Chiefs 22
San Diego/Los Angeles Chargers 19
Buffalo Bills 19
Seattle Seahawks 18
Portsmouth Spartans / Detroit Lions 17
Cincinnati Bengals 14
New York Jets 14
Atlanta Falcons 14
New Orleans Saints 13
Baltimore Ravens 12
Chicago/St. Louis/Arizona Cardinals 10
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 10
Carolina Panthers 8
Jacksonville Jaguars 7
Houston Texans 6

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