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NFL Betting - History of the NFL in Mexico

NFL Betting - History of the NFL in Mexico

November 11, 2019

The NFL is a sport that moves the world. Because of that, the league has expanded to other horizons for some time now. Having next Monday night at the Azteca Stadium, we review all the NFL games that have been based in Mexico.

NFL games in Mexico

Arizona Cardinals vs San Francisco 49ers – 2005

This was the first official NFL game in Mexico in October 2005. The Cardinals won the match 31-14 and had an NFL assistance record of 103,467 fans at Estadio Azteca. The match was broadcast by ESPN.

In this match, the 49ers started winning 14-0 with two scores produced by fumbles. However, San Francisco was unable to score again. After two field goals and a touchdown by a young Larry Fitzgerald the score was 14-12 at halftime. With four more field goals and a touchdown, Arizona sealed his win.

Oakland Raiders vs Houston Texans – 2016

It took 11 years for the NFL to return to Mexico. On this occasion, the Raiders took the W by a score of 27-20 against the Houston Texans.

In an intense match, it was Raiders quarterback Derek Carr who led the team to victory. With 295 yards, three touchdowns and one interception, the Raiders were able to take advantage. Carr did not receive a single sack in the entire match and the fullback, Jamize Ozawale had 90 yards in just three receptions and a touchdown to seal the victory.

On Houston side, the starting quarterback was Brock Osweiler, got 243 yards, one touchdown and one interception. The offensive worked through Lamar Miller, the runner had a touchdown and 104 yards on ground, it was a nightmare.

New England Patriots vs Oakland Raiders – 2017

A year later, in 2017, the Raiders returned to the Azteca, but this time they were mistreated by Patriots (33-8) who were 7-2 at the time.

Tom Brady gave quarterback lessons by throwing 30/37 full passes, 340 yards and three touchdowns without interceptions. It completely surpassed what Derek Carr did, as the Oakland quarterback threw 28/49 passes, 237 yards, an interception and a touchdown.

The Patriots overturned the Oakland offense, which had names like Marshawn Lynch, wide receivers Michael Crabtree and Amari Cooper and tight end Jared Cook. Besides Amari Cooper’s touchdown, Oakland did not even have the opportunity to perform field goals.

On the other hand, the wide receiver Brandin Cooks with 149 yards and a touchdown, was the most effective receiver for Brady. At that time, Danny Amendola played for the Patriots and the wide receiver had a touchdown and 66 yards.

Los Angeles Rams vs Kansas City Chiefs – 2018

Unfortunately, in 2018 there was no game in Mexico as  the conditions of the Colossus of Santa Ursula were not suitable for playing the game. It was a total failure, since the game that was finally played in Los Angeles and ended 54-51. An epic game!.

Los Angeles Chargers vs Kansas City Chiefs – 2019

Now, in 2019, a team from Los Angeles (this time the Chargers, not the Rams) and Kansas City Chiefs will return to the Azteca. At the beginning of the season, this game looked like one of the best games of the season.

The Chargers have been disappointing and the Chiefs irregular, but there is no reason to worry. Both teams have talent, very dynamic and explosive offensives and what is certain is that we will see lots of touchdowns.