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Aston Villa vs Wolverhampton Premier League Matchday 32 - Soccer News & Odds

Aston Villa vs Wolverhampton Premier League Matchday 32 - Soccer News & Odds

June 25, 2020

Wolverhampton will visit Aston Villa, looking to continue the positive streak that has them on the verge of entering the European tournament zone. The match is valid for the 32nd date of the English Premier League. Let’s see how the Aston Villa vs Wolverhampton teams arrive so you can make your bets against their Premier League odds.

Aston Villa vs Wolverhampton Premier League 2020 Matchweek 32

Aston Villa Analysis

All the emergency lights went on for Aston Villa, the relegation zone arrived and the problems are increasing this season.

In this restart of the Premier League, after two games played they have not managed to get victories, having in a 2-1 defeat with Chelsea at home and in the previous day they drew away to Newcastle by one goal.

But the crisis of Aston Villa does not go back to just two games. Adding these, and recorded seven games without adding three points, even, are five losses and two draws what counts and the light of victory does not seem to be close.

The last win we recorded for Aston Villa was last January, when they beat Watford 2-1, in a tight game at that time.

The catastrophic season can be summed up as seven wins, six draws and 18 defeats, with 36 goals scored, while they have the worst defence record in the entire Premier League, with 59 goals conceded.

Wolverhampton Analysis

Wolverhampton continue in their quest for a European goal this season, they got an important victory against Bournemouth by 1-0, where the Mexican Raul Jimenez was decisive.

The Mexican was in charge of scoring the winning goal in this last date. This puts Raúl as the seventh best gunner in the Premier League, averaging 0.48 goals per game. He records 15 goals in 31 games, being the best of his team.

The Wolves tied Manchester United on points, with both teams averaging 49, the difference being the goal difference of each. United has a positive of 17, while Wolverhampton is positive of 10.

The remaining path in the season for the Wolves presents some key and complex games. Everton, Arsenal and closing out the Premier League against Chelsea are some of the seven games left this season that could threaten their European aspirations.

Wolverhampton is hoping to take advantage of this mood, added to their good performance as visitors this season, getting six wins, the same number of draws and three losses under this condition.

Personal encounters Aston Villa vs Wolverhampton

The Wolves are one up on the last four games they’ve played. Of these games, they have won three and lost one, in total they have managed to score seven times and Aston Villa five.

General Match Info Aston Villa vs Wolverhampton Premier League 2020 Matchday 32

  • When: Saturday, June 27, 2020
  • Time: 6:30 AM
  • Where: Villa Park
  • Aston Villa vs Wolverhampton Live: Sky Sports

Betting Lines for the match Aston Villa vs Wolverhampton Premier League 2020 Matchday 32

Wolverhampton have everything in their favour to win this match, their win will allow us to charge $100 for a $131 bet. If Aston Villa enforce their field we can receive $353 for every $100 invested. A draw has not happened since 2016, so if we have one, it will pay $250.

Sports Predictions for Aston Villa vs Wolverhampton Premier League 2020 Matchday 32

Wolverhampton are on a roll, looking to continue the fight for European places and will be going all out for their third win in a row. Bet on Wolverhampton 4.45.