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Bundesliga – FSV Mainz 05 vs RB Leipzig Bundesliga Matchday 27

Bundesliga – FSV Mainz 05 vs RB Leipzig Bundesliga Matchday 27

May 22, 2020

FSV Mainz 05 has jeopardized his tenure in this Bundesliga, so on this matchday 27 they will have to row against the current when he receives RB Leipzig, which complicated his fight for the leadership of the Bundesliga. Let’s see how the teams get to this Mainz vs Leipzig for you to make your bets respectively against their Bundesliga odds.

Mainz vs Leipzig Bundesliga 2020 Matchday 27

FSV Mainz 05 Analysis

Complications came for FSV Mainz 05 in this resumption of the German championship, poor results are leading the team to be close to a precipice that looks deep and dark.

Mainz have let nine points out of the last 15 they have played, their last victory was last February when they faced Paderborn, who is currently the last place in the general table.

In the last match, the team tied two goals against FC Colonia as visitor. Despite not being a completely negative result, the conditions of the table do not allow the team not to add victories.

Defensively the team lives a real nightmare in this tournament. They are the second most violated defense in the entire German league, with a total of 55 goals against them.

Offensively the club has problems with the generation of options, the few they have, are not fully implemented, they have 36 goals in this Bundesliga, which versus the goals scored the result is a total disaster.

Mainz is dangerously four units from sixteenth position. The team that finishes in that position must play a promotion against a Bundesliga 2 team, in addition, it is nine points from relegation directly.

RB Leipzig Analysis

One of the teams that was harmed by their latest result, is RB Leipzig, who is moving away from the possibility of playing the championship title this season, together with Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund.

On the previous date, the team tied a goal at home against Freiburg, thus generating their third consecutive draw.

These six points that the team has let out in these three games have been key to generating a gap with the tournament leader. If they had scored three in those games, the team would be just one point behind Bayern Munich, however, today they are seven distance apart.

The team’s posture defensively is correct, they are the second best defense in the championship with 27 against them, one more than Bayern Munich.

Regarding the offense, Timo Werner is still the team’s goal man, registering 21 annotations out of the 63 that the institution registers in this championship, contributing 33% of the RB Leipzig concretions in this Bundesliga season.

Now the ground that the team must recover is enormous, in addition to this, it will not depend on itself to be able to reach the top of the tournament, so the possibilities of being champions disappeared in these three games.

Their participation in the Champions League is not yet assured and this series of games without victory now have the team one point away from falling in the Europa League area.

Personal Encounters Between FSV Mainz 05 and RB Leipzig

The last memory of FSV Mainz 05 facing RB Leipzig is not entirely pleasant, in fact, I can assure you that it is even something that generates shame on the campus. Last November in the first round of the championship Mainz fell to Leipzig by score of 8-0.

Mainz vs Leipzig Bundesliga 2020 Match General Info Matchday 27

  • When?: Sunday, May 24, 2020
  • Time?: 08:30 AM
  • Where?: OPEL Arena
  • Mainz vs Leipzig Live: Fox Sport

Mainz vs Leipzig Bundesliga 2020 Match Betting Lines Matchday 27

RB Leipzig have a golden opportunity to win again, while FSV Mainz needs to get out of the hole it is getting into through its own mistakes. Our Sports Betting Lines gives Mainz victory would pay $498 for a $100 investment, but if the win is for RB Leipzig we will be able to collect $100 for a bet of $232. A tie will pay $368.

Predictions for the Mainz vs Leipzig Bundesliga 2020 Matchday 27 Match

The RB Leipzig cannot afford more setbacks in their games, the championship is almost impossible to achieve, so now they must seek not to leave Champions League positions. Bet on RB Leipzig -232 odds to win.