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Juventus Vs Napoli Coppa Italia Finals 2020 - Soccer News & Odds

Juventus Vs Napoli Coppa Italia Finals 2020 - Soccer News & Odds

June 15, 2020

The Copa Italia will have its grand finale, in a match where Cristiano Ronaldo’s Juventus will be looking to break down Hirving Lozano’s hard-working Napoli, who does not have the confidence of his coach. Let’s check how the teams arrive to this Juventus vs Napoli to make your bet against their Coppa Italia odds.

Juventus Vs Napoli Coppa Italia Finals 2020

Juventus Analysis

After starting their sporting activities in Italy, seeking to return to “normal” in view of the health emergency they experienced in the previous months, Juventus took the step forward by qualifying for the final of the Copa Italia.

They did so after a goalless draw against AC Milan at home, in a lacklustre game and taking advantage of the 1-1 result they achieved at the San Siro.

The outlook for Juve’s title seems straightforward, as far as Serie A is concerned they have shown that they are one step ahead of all their rivals, which makes us think that the trophy will remain in their possession.

The game against Milan was really atypical, it showed that the start of football will not be easy, we saw players with certain problems with the handling of the game, even Cristiano Ronaldo was discreet in this game, missing a penalty, something that is not normal in the Portuguese.

Despite these circumstances, Juventus held on to the zero at the back, did not have much trouble after seeing their opponents reduced to 10 players and lived off the income they earned in the first game of this semi-final.

SSC Napoli Analysis

The Mexican Hirving Lozano’s team took the step and for many the surprise, when they eliminated Inter in the semifinals, after a draw to one goal in San Paolo, taking advantage of the victory they got in Milan in the first game of this semifinal.

The start of the game was not clear. A mistake by David Ospina and his defenders, who were unable to get the ball out, ended up with an Olympic goal that put everything on a level playing field.

Napoli, faithful to the style of their coach Gennaro Gattuso, did not give up and went all out for the goal they needed to get the series off. The draw came, the desperation of their opponents was evident and Gattuso sent out a guard.

The strategy worked, Napoli took the step to the grand final, and now they must play Juventus for the sceptre, in a single game on neutral ground, in a match to be played in the Italian capital, Rome.

From the perspective of experts, Napoli have little chance of winning, but after what was seen in the first match of both, we would not be so irresponsible to take any Neapolitan possibility for granted.

The finals are played with everything, their coach is an expert in getting the most out of his players, so Juventus will have an orderly rival, who will go all out to get this final, after being the only title the Neapolitans could get this season.

Clashes between Juventus and SSC Napoli

In this season’s Serie A, the teams have not shown themselves to be equal, each adding up to one win and the difference in each game has been one goal. In the first game of the season Napoli won 2-1 at home, but in the visit to Turin, Juventus won 4-3.

General Match Info Juventus vs Napoli Coppa Italia Finals 2020

  • When: Wednesday, June 17, 2020
  • Time: 2:00 PM Mexico City
  • Where: Rome’s Olympic Stadium
  • Juventus vs Napoli Live: ESPN 2

Betting Lines for the Juventus vs Napoli Coppa Italia Finals 2020

Defining a title is in the DNA of Juventus in recent years, winning and being champion will generate $100 for every $100 we bet, but if Napoli are crowned champions the payout would be $257 for a $100 investment. A draw that forces overtime will generate $233.

Sports Predictions for the match Juventus Turin vs SSC Napoli

Gattuso will be looking to close the ranks, Juventus will put their heavy burden on the attack, both teams showed difficulties in their semifinal games, so we do not see a clear favorite, which makes us think that the definition by penalty will determine the champion. The recommended bet is on a 3.33 draw and less than 2.5 goals.