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Leipzig vs Hertha Berlin Bundesliga 2020 Matchday 28

Leipzig vs Hertha Berlin Bundesliga 2020 Matchday 28

May 27, 2020

After seeing their chances of fighting for the German title diminished, RB Leipzig will have problems on this day 28 at Hertha Berlin, the team that has a minimal chance of accessing the Europa League and relegation as a very distant option. Let’s see how these teams arrive to this Leipzig vs Hertha Berlin so you can place your bets against their Bundesliga odds.

Leipzig vs Hertha Berlin Bundesliga 2020 Matchday 28

RB Leipzig Analysis

After adding three draws consecutively and sensibly saying goodbye to their aspirations for the Bundesliga title, Leipzig is now looking for a way to stay among the top four to get the pass to the UEFA Champions League.

On the previous day, they managed to shake off the pressure to achieve the victory, defeating Mainz at home by a score of 0-5.

Timo Werner demonstrated the power that he has in front of the net, by scoring a triplet in the game, which put his team back on the winning path, it also put him three goals behind of tying with Robert Lewandowski at the top of the scoring board.

The closing of the tournament is very complicated for the team given the three draws achieved, where the advantage was narrowed with their pursuers, so the fourth place that is Bayer Leverkusen is one point, while the fifth that is Borussia Monchengladbach is to two points.

These minimal differences have the team on the verge of falling in the Europa League spots, so making mistakes is not allowed for RB Leipzig in all that remains of the championship.

After this victory, they still own the third position, with a total of 54 units, now adding a total of 68 goals in his favor, while against them they add up to 27, being the best defense of this tournament.

Hertha Berlin Analysis

Hertha Berlin is one of the teams that are in this Bundesliga fighting to get to the Europa League spots, although the path does not seem to be entirely easy to reach this.

They are five points away from achieving the goal of getting into the pre-phase of the European tournament, however, this is not so feasible since, a series of results must be given with five different teams for the classification to be possible.

The descent is another issue that the team sees as a remote possibility. Their level of play, although it is true, has not been regular, they’ve had help from other teams that have been adding up disappointments matchday after matchday.

Hertha are 10 units away from complicating their time in the Bundesliga, although it is true that many points remain to be disputed, we cannot see the team’s performance in the way that it can live through these problems at the end of the season.

The blue team after their 4-0 victory against the Union Berlin, added up two victories in a row, sealing a restart of the tournament after the pandemic, sensationally, without leaving points on the road and has even scored in 7 times without receiving a goal at the moment.

If we take the performance of the last five games, the team adds two wins, the number of draws and one loss, in what is undoubtedly a positive record.

Hertha Berlin is in the eleventh position in the standings, with 34 points, after scoring 39 goals in their favor and 48 against.

Clashes between RB Leipzig and Hertha Berlin

Undoubtedly RB Leipzig represents a real danger to Hertha Berlin’s good streak. In their personal matches between them, Leipzig already has four consecutive wins, where they have managed to score on 18 occasions, while they have received four goals.

General Game Info Leipzig vs Hertha Berlin Bundesliga 2020 Matchday 28

  • When: Wednesday, May 27, 2020
  • Time: 11:30 AM
  • Where: Red Bull Arena
  • Leipzig vs Hertha Berlin Live: Fox Sport

Betting Lines for the Leipzig vs Hertha Berlin Bundesliga 2020 Matchday 28 Game

RB Leipzig has sports betting in its favor by a wide difference, its victory allows us to collect $ 100 for every $ 312 we bet. In case the victory is for Union Berlin the payment would be $ 678 for every $ 100 that we want to bet. A tie pays $ 442.

Sports Predictions for the Leipzig vs Hertha Berlin Bundesliga 2020 Matchday 28 Game

RB Leipzig have shown great things this season, their level is well above their rival, so expecting a victory from Hertha Berlin is not something to even think about it. Bet on RB Leipzig -312 victory.