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Zorros del Atlas Season Analysis - Liga MX News & Odds

Zorros del Atlas Season Analysis - Liga MX News & Odds

May 4, 2020

Atlas along with Tijuana were the two teams that disappointed in their actions at the end of the previous apertura tournament. Atlas had in their hands the classification to the Mexican liguilla, however, four losses in a row at the end of the championship undermined any possibility of this.

Zorros del Atlas Season Analysis – Liga MX News & Odds

The outlook for this clausura is even worse than in the apertura. After the dismissal of his coach and the arrival six dates ago by Rafael Puente Jr., the team continues aimlessly, adrift and with a SOS sign that is getting bigger and brighter.

Atlas right now is benefited by the disastrous performance that Monterrey has had, the tapatíos are second-last in the tournament, with a total of nine points, like Tijuana, classifying to the liguilla is an almost impossible mission.

Atlas Expectations

Atlas lived moments of glory in the past, it was a leading team, its classics with Chivas were a true soccer fight, and it could face the great teams of the capital with the necessary seriousness.

The current reality is different, the team did not enter the previous liguilla, for this 2020 it was out of the Copa MX at the hands of Toluca and in the liguilla the team registers more pain than glory.

Our expectation of the team before the tournament started was that Atlas could have possibilities, as long as it showed a more even level than what we saw in the apertura, but the team quickly took it upon ourselves to erase this thought.

Today what we hope is that Monterrey does not have an improvement in its level that takes the team to the bottom of the table, since the team is very exposed in the standings for the descent, meaning the season can be disastrous, at the moment the descent comes in action in the tournament.

The Atlas path

Atlas as a local must make major efforts not to be affected in this clausura. The team will have three games under that condition, against qualified rivals such as Pumas and León, while Rayados de Monterrey will also visit Jalisco, in a game that could be six points for the fight for last place.

The remaining four games will be outside Jalisco, so the panorama is even more complex, with visits to Juárez FC, Atlético San Luis, Querétaro and Necaxa, although it is true that the rivals are not the most feared of the tournament, they are very above the level that the tapatíos have shown.

The panorama is not comfortable anyway due to the actions of the team, which does not show a level according to what la Liga requires, so Atlas will see the liguilla from home again.

Atlas possibilities

The mathematical game for Atlas is almost impossible to achieve, the team must score in total perfection, to get the 21 points that are available in the tournament, something that clearly seems impossible for Atlas.

The visits of Pumas and León to Jalisco are a real challenge for the team, which will not come out with a positive result, while Monterrey will also visit Jalisco in a duel that will be on week 12th and could be disputed the last spot of the playoffs for the championship.

Atlas visits are just as underwhelming, although they do not face any of the top four teams ​​in the classification under the condition of visitor, they’ll have rivals who will fight them for a last chance to sneak into the big finally of Mexican soccer.

Juárez FC, Atlético San Luis, Querétaro and Necaxa of these four games as visitors if we take into account the level of Atlas, we can be sure that they won’t get a single point of these 12, however, we hope that at least the team will get a point in Potosí.

This being real, the current nine points of the team must add two more units, with the draws against Monterrey and Atlético San Luis, this is a clear projection, which would indicate that the team will finish this phase with 11 points in total. Odds of winning Liga MX.