South Korea

NCAA Division I National Championship

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sábado 01 abr
Calzada de Tlalpán 3465
Mexico City, MX 3465
Florida Atlantic Owls
San Diego State Aztecs
+1.5 -110
-1.5 -110
Calzada de Tlalpán 3465
Mexico City, MX 3465
Miami (FL) Hurricanes
Connecticut Huskies
+5.5 -110
-5.5 -110

Basketball Odds

Nicknames Basket | Hoops
First Played December 21st, 1891, Springfield, Massachusetts
Contact Sports of Limited-contact
Category Outdoors or Enclosed Spaces
Venue Indoor Court | Outdoor Court (Streetball)

Basketball | History

Basketball is definitely one of the most practiced sports in the world, we are talking about 450 million players in 2013 alone. The game of Hoops has distinguished itself by the numerous leagues and championships around the world.

The invention of the game of basketball took place in 1891 by James Naismith which was a Canadian physical education teacher at the Springfield YMCA. He was given 14 days to create an indoor game for keeping his students busy on rainy days.

Among the main basketball associations in the world, we have NBA, a private league that is played in the United States which was founded back in June 1946. The league itself has a total of 30 teams and the one with the most champion titles is a tie between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics with a total of 17 Championship titles each.

Also in the United States, we have NCAAB, which is First Division of College Men's Basketball, in other words: College Basketball. The league consists of a direct elimination competition and who determines the champion of the division and the tournament has been played since 1939.

The ACB League or better known as the Liga Endesa for sponsorship issues, is the professional basketball presentation of Spain which was founded on March 31, 1957. The Spanish league has a total of 18 teams participating and the most laureate team is the F.C.Barcelona who has lifted the cup 15 times.

Turkey offers us the Turkish Basketball Super League (TBL), this Turkish league was founded in back in 1967, and its most awarded team of the tournament is Galatasaray who has been eleven-time champion.

VTB United League, an international basketball competition, for Eastern European countries and it is made up of 13 teams and which was founded in 2008 the current champion is the CSKA Moscow team.

Another great basketball league is Liga Nacional de Baloncesto Profesional de México or better known as the LNBP of Mexico is the largest basketball league in Mexico. The Mexican league has 17 teams playing this season and is divided into two zones: East and West.

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