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Nicknames Cricket lovers | Cric8er | CRICKET THOPS
First Competition 16th century; South-East England
Contact No
Team Members 11 players per side (substitutes permitted in some circumstances)
Venue Field with usually oval-shaped lawn
Olympic Sport 1900 Summer Olympics only

Cricket | History

Cricket is one of the most amateur and fanatical sports in Europe, Oceania and Asia, where stadiums with a capacity of 50 spectators are filled, it is believed that the first competition was held in the Middle Ages in England.

The main goal of cricket is to score runs during certain time periods called innings, to some extent very similar to baseball runs. These innings usually range from one to two at a time, but that depends on each league as they have different rules each and between each inning there are timeouts or breaks to perform a technical guidance.

One of the most famous and popular competitions for cricket fans is the World Cup of Cricket which that takes place every four years. The Cup itself is considered one of the most watched sporting events in the world, in addition to being considered the flagship event of the calendar. The very first competition was in 1975 and so far Australia has been the most awarded team so far.

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