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Monday 27 Mar
Calzada de Tlalpán 3465
Mexico City, MX 3465
Houston Roughnecks
DC Defenders
+2.5 -116
-2.5 -116

American Football Betting Odds

American Football
Nicknames Football | Gridiron
First Played November 6, 1869 - New Jersey | Rutgers vs Princeton
Contact Full-contact
Category Outdoors or Enclosed Spaces
Outdoors or Enclosed Spaces Football Field: Rectangular1 20 yards long, 53 yards wide

American Football | History

American Football was born on August 20, 1920 and considered the most popular sport in the United States. It also played in over 60 countries around the world.

The largest professional league in this sport is the NFL, which is practiced throughout the country, consisting of 32 franchises distributed in various cities and regions. The regular season of NFL has seventeen weeks and that range from September to January. Once regular season ends, the Playoffs kick off and finish with the biggest football game of the all which is the Super Bowl.

The popularity of Football is so great that it has the highest audience attendance per game in the world, as well as the levels of television over pass to any other sport.

The NCAAF or better known as college football is the top category of the university league and which has the third position of popularity in the United States.

It should be remembered that there are countries such as Canada and Australia that also practice football. In Canada, the league is called the Canadian Football League (CFL) and in Australia, it is called: Australian Football League (AFL).

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